Alexander Joinery:
Craftsmanship, Quality & Experience since 1963

Alexander Joinery has a proud history of quality workmanship and innovation and a strong commitment to our clients. We are focused on producing the best natural timber and contemporary cabinetry and furniture on time and on budget.

Alexander Joinery, formerly known as Donald Alexander Joinery, is renowned for producing quality joinery the way it should be made, solid and strong using craftsmen.

Our joinery team have a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of joinery and have produced quality joinery for many of Hawkes Bayʼs most prestigious buildings and homes as well as schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, retail spaces and offices.

We achieve our targets through attention to detail, cost engineering and innovative use of resources.

We champion the skills and personalities of the talented people within our team and believe the values we operate by and the positive relationships we enjoy with our clients and those we work with contribute to a superior product every time.


As a team, it is our values that drive us. Together we live these values every day, because we know that’s why our clients love working with us.

Be awesome


Be creative

Be ethical

Our promise to you is simple: You can trust us to ensure your building project is as enjoyable and painless as possible and together, we will be 100% proud of the result.
Great people

Alexander Joinery has a, strong and stable workforce with the right expertise, dedicated to delivering awesome results for you.

Green-building practices

We love New Zealand and we pride ourselves on sustainable green-building processes that save costs and minimise environmental impact.

Above and beyond

At Alexander Joinery we will always go the extra mile to provide an exceptional customer experience whenever we can and to resolve any issues that might arise during a project.

When timing is crucial

We have a proven record of meeting tight deadlines. We know that matters.

Happy customers

Many of our Alexander Joinery clients tell us we are the best contractors they have ever worked with.

A well-oiled machine

We believe every project should be an enjoyable experience for you and for us. Our open communication and collaborative style ensure projects run smoothly and clients enjoy the process.

Your budget, our budget

We work with our clients to minimise the risks to project timeframes and save costs wherever possible, without compromising quality results.

Healthy and safe

A focus on safety is inherent in everything we do and we have industry-leading health and safety systems.

Trusted team

Our people are 100% proud of what they do. That means you can trust them to do right by you.